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Руководство пользователя macbooc 11

If you do not disconnect them, it may cause fire or electric shock. UNPLUG THE MONITOR If the monitor is not in use for a long period of time it is recommended that it is left unplugged to avoid accidents.

HOLD THE PLUG WHEN DISCONNECTING To disconnect the power cable or signal cable, always pull it by the plug. Never pull on the cable itself as this may cause fire or electric shock. DO NOT TOUCH THE PLUG WITH WET HANDS Pulling or inserting the plug with wet hands may cause electric shock.

WHEN YOU INSTALL THE MONITOR ON YOUR COMPUTER Be sure the computer is strong enough to hold the weight of the monitor, otherwise, you may damage your computer.

DO NOT PUT FLOPPY DISKS NEAR THE SPEAKERS Magnetically recorded data, such as on a floppy disk, may become corrupted by the magnetic field produced by the speakers if the disks are placed on or near the speakers. OTHERS ERGONOMIC RECOMMENDATIONS To eliminate eye fatigue, do not operate the monitor against a bright background or in a dark room.

For optimal viewing comfort, the monitor should be just below eye level and 40-60 cm 16-24 inches away from your eyes. When using the monitor over a prolonged time, a ten minute break every hour is recommended as looking at the screen continuously can cause eye strain. FOR YOUR SAFETY 2 ENGLISH the cables and possibly cause injury.

NOTE When you first turn on the LCD monitor, the picture may not fit in the display area because of the type of computer that is used. In this case, adjust the picture position to the correct position. Due to the nature of the backlight, the screen may flicker during initial use. Turn off the Power Switch and then turn it on again to make sure the flicker disappears.

You may find slightly uneven brightness on the screen depending on the desktop pattern you use. Due to the nature of the LCD screen, an afterimage of the previous screen may remain after switching the image, when the same image is displayed for hours.

In this case, the screen is recovered slowly by changing the image or turning off the Power Switch for hours. Contact your dealer or iiyama service center for the backlight replacement when the screen is dark, flickering or not lighting up. Never attempt to replace it by yourself. ENGLISH CUSTOMER SERVICE NOTE The fluorescent light used in the LCD monitor may have to be periodically replaced.

For the warranty coverage on this component, please check with local iiyama service center. If you have to return your unit for service and the original packaging has been discarded, please contact your dealer or iiyama service center for advice or replacement packaging. CLEANING WARNING If you drop any materials or liquids such as water into the monitor when cleaning, unplug the power cable immediately and contact your dealer or iiyama service center. For safety reasons, turn off the power switch and unplug the monitor before you clean it.

NOTE To protect the LCD panel, do not scratch or rub the screen with a hard object. Never use any of the following strong solvents. These will damage the cabinet and the LCD screen. Thinner Benzine Abrasive cleaner Spray-type cleaner Wax Acid or Alkaline solvent CAUTION Touching the cabinet with any product made from rubber or plastic for a long time may cause degeneration or loss of paint on the cabinet. CABINET LCD SCREEN 3 Stains can be removed with a cloth lightly moistened with a mild detergent solvent.

Малько отмечает, что договорный режим "позволяет субъекту выбрать из всего многообразия вариантов наиболее оптимальный выгодныйсогласовать интересы формально равных сторон фактического отношения, соизмерять свою программу управления с правовой саморегуляцией личности.

Владельцам механических фризеров при выборе чаши стоит помнить, что она должна легко и просто помещаться в морозильную камеру, иначе с ее охлаждением возникнут определенные проблемы. Обычно чаши фризеров либо пластиковые, либо металлические. С точки зрения цены, чаши из пластика, конечно, выгоднее, но нержавеющая сталь более безопасна. В пластиковой чаше со временем могут образоваться микротрещины, где могут обитать микробы.

А вот со стальной чашей такие неприятности невозможны. Сливочное Шоколадное Крем-Брюле Фруктовый лед Результаты Loading. Metrika 4657705 ; yaCounter4657705. Шаг 4 Заполните анкету в полном соответствии с паспортными данными.

Шаг 5 Внимательно заполните информацию о своей трудовой занятости. Шаг 6 Обязательно укажите домашний адрес в соответствии с паспортом: если данные не будут совпадать, курьер имеет право не передавать заказанный товар. Шаг 7 Введите паспортные данные. Шаг 8 Получите ответ от банков за 3-4 минуты.

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